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It Ain't Easy Being Me

But it's better than being you

Duncan Matthews
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What's up? Name's Duncan Matthews. I live in Bayville, New York, and I'm a senior at Bayville (go figure) High. I'm captain of the football team at BHS, and I'm on the track and basketball teams too. So basically, if it has anything to do with sports, I'm there. And I'm probably better than you.

Besides my talent on the field, I'm also known for my awesome parties. If there's any party worth going to around here, you can be sure it'll be at my place.

My girlfriend is this hot redhead named Jean Grey. Some of her friends are a little weird, like the one with the dorky sunglasses he wears at night, but they tend to stay out of my way for the most part. Losers.

Note: This is an RP journal. Which means I'm not REALLY Duncan Matthews. Which is probably a good thing... If you want to contact the real me for any reason, you can find me at the_mariner